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Increase Your Return on Investment by Advertising With Fleet Graphics

If you own a business with lots of vehicles, or even just a few, you might want to consider utilizing that space for some good inexpensive advertising space. More and more businesses nationwide are finding that fleet graphics produce a much greater return on investment compared to traditional forms of advertising.

While adhesive fleet graphics have been around for quite a while, it seems many businesses have either brushed them aside, or tried it once and didn’t quite utilize the digital printing capabilities of their graphics provider.   

In recent years digital printing companies have made some serious strides in their ability to produce extremely vivid, highly durable adhesive graphics that can be applied to nearly any surface. The process by which the vinyl adhesive graphics are applied to surfaces has also seen some advances in the last few years. Printing companies are able to apply these vinyl graphics to multiple surfaces including metal, brick, stone, concrete, wood, plastics, as well as combinations of surfaces. Because of this capability the options are virtually limitless as to where you can place your adverts.

With regard to using adhesive graphics on your business fleet of vehicles the most valuable part of this is and has always been the number of impressions that your ads will produce. For example, comparing billboard advertising to fleet advertising, billboards are seen by everyone that happens to drive by the billboard and have it catch their eye. The nature of billboards puts them at a disadvantage in this comparison, due to the fact that billboards are generally much higher than the eye tends to naturally be focused, especially while driving.  

In contrast to billboard advertising, fleet graphics stay fixed at eye level, allowing for an increased number of potential viewers. Additionally, you must consider the fact that fleet graphics go where your vehicles go. This is an invaluable aspect of this form of advertising. The only time your advertisements will cease to be in motion is when they are either parked at your business or at a location where you are performing a service.

One final factor that is very important with regard to fleet advertising is the actual content of the advertising you wrap your vehicles with. Vivid colors are important for attracting attention to the vehicle, as well as making sure the company logo and name are prominently displayed on each side of the vehicle. Any text should be large enough to easily read from a distance and should also be concise. You don’t want people to have to read full sentences while driving. Consider short bullet points for displaying service offerings, and make sure your business phone number is easily seen, perhaps even the website address. With the durability vinyl graphics offer, you can use them for a few years before they will need to be replaced, so make sure that any offers you may want to feature on your ad space won’t be changing any time soon.

Considering the cost associated with most other forms of advertising, fleet graphics should be at the top of your list when taking into account the total return on investment, as they are one of the cheaper alternatives, as well as one of the highest converting forms of advertising.  

Business Productivity Gains Can Come From Seemingly Small Tasks

Many businesses fall into a trap by focusing on core processes for productivity gains while ignoring potentially hundreds of small, tedious, administrative tasks that threaten to bog down the team. The flow of work, pace of decisions and even responsiveness to customers can be severely hampered by these tasks while the business strives to solve bigger challenges. At some point the cumulative effect of such non-core and yet required tasks becomes a drag on the ability to perform and grow.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the information technology division of the business. IT is where the priorities of the business go be converted into efficient and productive systems. Nowhere in the list of priorities did a host of administrative tasks appear as a priority and you would not expect to find them there considering the importance of core processes that drive the operation of the business. However, the productivity gains that may be achieved with just a small bit of attention to these tasks can have a dramatic ability to free up precious employee time to focus on getting the more important job done.

The IT organization supported by the heads of various business and operating divisions, have become masters at hunting buffaloes. No measly squirrels for them. They are so busy preparing the big guns, hunting parties and horses to go and hunt for the buffaloes that they are seemingly unaware that the squirrels are stealing their stash of nuts that was supposed to provide energy during the winter months. In much the same way, the focus on large projects allows the burden of many small administrative tasks to steal away valuable time and productivity.

In fact, they appear so determined to hunt buffaloes that when a squirrel is presented to them as an opportunity they will spend days and even months working to convert it into a buffalo worthy of their attention. Along the way, the employees and even department heads becomes increasingly frustrated at the need to perform so many tasks manually when a simple automated solution seems self-evident. Occasionally, individual departments will find a small budget and go outside to find a third party who may be able to help them.

Of course, since IT establishes the rules about what is acceptable technology, solutions and even providers, going outside the company often ends in a political tangle that only further complicates the issue. As businesses evaluate their priorities for investing in the development and automation of key business processes and managing the flow of information through the operation, they should include a review of the administrative tasks being performed, the frequency at which they are performed, the number of employees performing the same task, the time consumed and the potential for errors. Core operations or customer facing systems will always be assigned the highest priority, but ignoring these tasks can result in a huge productivity drag.

Determine what it will take to hunt the buffalo in the most efficient manner with the most proficient resources and leave some small unit behind to go after the squirrels to protect your stash of nuts. This small unit of technical IT staff must be empowered to identify specific administrative tasks and deal with them one at a time without being forced to convert each into a buffalo first. You may just find that the overall productivity and employee satisfaction in your business increase dramatically. You also find there are fewer buffalo to hunt than you assumed, as your team has been so adept at converting every squirrel into a buffalo that requires a lot more resources and time to resolve.

Invest in Real Estate by Knowing Your Borrowing Power

Knowing your borrowing power can help you invest in real estate because it will show you the amount you’re allowed to borrow with the bank. The bank figures out what you can afford per month and then calculates the amount of a mortgage based on that monthly amount.

If you use a mortgage calculator to figure out a monthly payment that you can afford then it’s one step closer to buying a second home. Makes sure you put in the current interest rate because it will make a big difference in your monthly mortgage payment.

So add up all your bills and weight them against your income to see how much you can borrow. Make sure you do the loan term over 30 years because it will be the lowest monthly payment. You wont be able to immediately use the rent as income because the bank needs to see the steady stream of income before they start weighing it against your debt.

Put a small down payment down and buy the second home. Then after you rent it out you can start looking for another home. After about 6 months you can use the rent as income with the bank on your next home. Any interest calculator will help you realize how much you can afford each month and help you figure out your borrowing power.

I recommend getting a fixed interest rate instead of an ARM rate because in this economy interest rates can only go up. You don’t want to get stuck in an adjustable rate because it will keep going up over the next few years, just like real estate will.

Plug in a few different interest rates into a mortgage calculator to see the difference in the monthly payment. You’ll be surprised how much the rate will effect your mortgage. The higher your monthly payment is the less you can borrow so you want to make sure you get the lowest rate to keep your borrowing power up.