How to Buy Silver Bullion – A Simple Outline For Investing in Silver

Silver as a commodity and industrial metal will appreciate in value based on the simple economic fundamentals of supply and demand. Because we have consumed most of it, there is less silver now then there is gold. When people find this out, silver will go to the moon…

When buying silver as an asset, it is best if you know and understand a few, but very important, points. You will want to know what kind of silver is NOT good to buy so you will have a better understanding about why certain forms are superior at the purchase stage. I will first detail what forms of silver will NOT serve you and then I’ll divulge the juicy good stuff.

First, How Not To Buy Silver Bullion:

DON’T buy ETF’s, pool accounts, or silver certificates of any kind from any bank. This provides you with “price exposure” to silver only. This means you don’t get any silver. This paper silver is a promise to pay or deliver and will not hold up under strenuous economic times like right now. Plus, many believe (myself included) that much of this paper silver is backed by nothing. Also, buying these does not afford you the luxury of being a private investment.

DON’T buy collector coins, or, numismatic coinage. This stuff comes at a higher premium above the spot price of the silver content of the coin and is often tough to sell. Also, during economic failure, a lot of peoples old coin collection comes off the shelf and ends up flooding the market making your rare collector coin not so rare.

How Buy Silver Bullion:

DO buy a purity of at least .999 fine silver to preserve financial value via precious metals (especially now in this silver bull market – it’s the best way to hedge against inflation in this troubled economy)

DO buy 10 oz. and 100 oz. silver bars by reputable companies like A-Mark, J.M. and Engelhard to increase your physical holdings. These are very well known as well as widely respected and trusted as safe investments because of their stamp of authenticity.

DO buy denominations of 1 Troy ounce government issued (nationally minted) coins like the Silver Eagle from the American Mint and the Canadian Silver Maple from the Royal Canadian Mint. These coins will be the easiest bullion to sell off or liquidate while inflation continues rising to astronomical levels.

DO buy from respected bullion dealers online and local coin dealers or coin shops (and eBay can also work if you’re careful).

Email Marketing: A Time-Tested Digital Marketing Strategy for a Highly Profitable Business

When a business wants to achieve successful marketing, it really doesn’t have to be complicated, but formulating and establishing a fail-safe and extremely efficient and effective marketing strategy is absolutely challenging. The competition gets tougher and more multifarious each day as competitors innovate and do their thing to overthrow and outshine the other brands.

For a fact, struggling new entrepreneurs should always bear in mind that there all marketing strategies are time-tested and has brought success to most dominant brands nowadays, but not a single marketing scheme would be effective for all businesses. There would be a need to tailor-fit and customize the marketing tactics for it to be applicable to specific businesses. And all these proven and tested marketing tactics could really be efficient if used and done right.

· Email Marketing. Though sending emails have been considered by some to really be a thing of the Jurassic Ages, email marketing strategies still remain on top in establishing brand credibility and powerful online presence and most importantly boosting the company’s profit beyond its margins. Emails sent to prospective clients could really get the company’s message across and allows them to engage with their email subscribers more effectively and converting them from customers to dedicated buyers. For most marketers, sending highly-optimized emails is the perfect way to make investments and do business with people.

· Affiliate Marketing. This marketing strategy has become really effective especially for well-established brands. As a business who engages in this type of marketing, paying for commissions for those who generate sales is the approach. By this, affiliate marketers could also get other people to promote and market the product for them on a commission basis. But, this marketing strategy also has its setbacks and one of them is that the overhead expenses on commissions and promotional stints will be more costly prompting the company to increase the pricing. Because of the relatively higher product price, competitors would have an edge. The best solution to this is to attract business partners to help expand the budget, to compute for the cost of affiliate commission and look into the lifetime value of the customers and to keep in mind long-term profits.

· Partnership is an option. As a business grows, marketing the products would be more demanding in terms of generating new leads and customers. And when this happens, the need to engage into a proficient strategic partnership would be essential to increase the advertising and promotional budget. Collaboration with a company related to the business would be a great idea like a clothing company merging or collaborating with accessories or footwear companies would open a plethora of sales opportunities; and the partnership would grow both businesses at the same time.

· Influencer marketing is something like the strategic partnership marketing strategy, but this makes use of popular people or celebrities to endorse the brand to pave the way for the business to reach audiences that are already highly-engaged. This would be something that can cost quite a large amount of money, but this marketing tactic would catalyze and leverage the sales and eventually bring the company booming revenues and marketing success.

Increase Your Return on Investment by Advertising With Fleet Graphics

If you own a business with lots of vehicles, or even just a few, you might want to consider utilizing that space for some good inexpensive advertising space. More and more businesses nationwide are finding that fleet graphics produce a much greater return on investment compared to traditional forms of advertising.

While adhesive fleet graphics have been around for quite a while, it seems many businesses have either brushed them aside, or tried it once and didn’t quite utilize the digital printing capabilities of their graphics provider.   

In recent years digital printing companies have made some serious strides in their ability to produce extremely vivid, highly durable adhesive graphics that can be applied to nearly any surface. The process by which the vinyl adhesive graphics are applied to surfaces has also seen some advances in the last few years. Printing companies are able to apply these vinyl graphics to multiple surfaces including metal, brick, stone, concrete, wood, plastics, as well as combinations of surfaces. Because of this capability the options are virtually limitless as to where you can place your adverts.

With regard to using adhesive graphics on your business fleet of vehicles the most valuable part of this is and has always been the number of impressions that your ads will produce. For example, comparing billboard advertising to fleet advertising, billboards are seen by everyone that happens to drive by the billboard and have it catch their eye. The nature of billboards puts them at a disadvantage in this comparison, due to the fact that billboards are generally much higher than the eye tends to naturally be focused, especially while driving.  

In contrast to billboard advertising, fleet graphics stay fixed at eye level, allowing for an increased number of potential viewers. Additionally, you must consider the fact that fleet graphics go where your vehicles go. This is an invaluable aspect of this form of advertising. The only time your advertisements will cease to be in motion is when they are either parked at your business or at a location where you are performing a service.

One final factor that is very important with regard to fleet advertising is the actual content of the advertising you wrap your vehicles with. Vivid colors are important for attracting attention to the vehicle, as well as making sure the company logo and name are prominently displayed on each side of the vehicle. Any text should be large enough to easily read from a distance and should also be concise. You don’t want people to have to read full sentences while driving. Consider short bullet points for displaying service offerings, and make sure your business phone number is easily seen, perhaps even the website address. With the durability vinyl graphics offer, you can use them for a few years before they will need to be replaced, so make sure that any offers you may want to feature on your ad space won’t be changing any time soon.

Considering the cost associated with most other forms of advertising, fleet graphics should be at the top of your list when taking into account the total return on investment, as they are one of the cheaper alternatives, as well as one of the highest converting forms of advertising.